Swim Lessons

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Swim lessons are a great way to increase your child’s confidence while setting the foundation for a healthy hobby. All learn to swim lessons are taught under the philosophy of the American Red Cross. The Learn to Swim instructors follow the recommendations of the Red Cross in their teachings. Each level introduces a challenging variety of activities for the student. At the first class each child will be evaluated to determine his/her ability level. If needed, we will accommodate participant by placing him/her in appropriate level if space permits in the class.  Any cancellations are made up in the week between sessions. For cancellation information, please contact the Adventure Island Courtesy Desk at (847)-531-7030.

American Red Cross Level Descriptions

  • Red Cross Infant and Preschool Aquatic Program (IPAP)- This parent-child program aims to promote Red Cross water safety knowledge and practices, aquatic adjustment, and swimming readiness skills, while giving children a chance to have fun in the water. This level focuses on developing a warm and trusting relationship between parents, children, and the Red Cross water safety instructors.
  • Parent/Preschool Orientation: 6-36 months requires adult participation
  • Preschool/Beginners: age 4-5: without adult participation
  • Red Cross Level II-Primary Skills: This level emphasizes fundamental locomotion. Students work on unsupported floating combined with kicks and rhythmic breathing. Red Cross safety topics covered include reaching and extension assists.
  • Red Cross Level IV-Stroke Development: This level reinforces the foundational strokes and safety skills.  Students develop their breaststroke and sidestroke skills and are introduced to competitive turns.
  • Red Cross Level VI-Skill Proficiency/Advanced Skills: This level is designed to help advanced swimmers prepare for competitive swimming. Flip turns and endurance training are incorporated, along with stroke reinforcement. Advance rescue skills are also introduced.

Age Suggestion for Level 1-6

      • Level II: age 6-7: without adult participation
      • Level IV: age 8-9: without adult participation
      • Level VI: age 10-11: without adult participation

Private Swim Lessons

Get the personalized attention you need to build your swimming skills and confidence! Are the Learn-to Swim times not convenient for you? The City of Elgin is offering private swim lessons at The Centre of Elgin. Sign up through The Centre of Elgin and define the time you want for lessons. After registration, participants should receive a call within 48 hours. Participate in a one-on-one swim lesson with one of our instructors. For more information on this great program, call The Centre of Elgin at 847-531-7030.

Lecciones de natación en español

Elgin orgullosamente ofrece por primera vez instruccion de natación en español. Este curso se enseñara bajo la filosofia de la Cruz Roja Americana. Regístrese en línea!

We are excited to announce the City of Elgin has joined USA Swimming Foundation’s water safety initiative, Make a Splash. Consistent with the goal of saving lives and providing every child in America with the opportunity to learn how to swim, Make a Splash, a national child-focused water safety initiative, was created by the USA Swimming Foundation in 2007. Make a Splash partners with learn-to-swim providers across the country to provide swimming lessons and educate kids on the importance of learning how to swim. Many partner programs are located in disadvantaged or ethnically diverse communities and provide training programs (including certified instructors, resources and quality programming) to help children become water-safe and share with them a lifelong physical fitness activity.  Make a Splash’s awareness campaign is built around the staggering statistics that minority children ages 5-14 are most at risk for drowning, and drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 14. Make a Splash educates parents through a national awareness campaign; saves lives by joining forces with grassroots learn-to-swim programs and reaches millions of children through its programming, promotions and publicity tours.