Therapy Pool

Therapy Pool

The Therapy pool is open for members only. Reservations must be made in advance. There is a limit of 2 individuals in the therapy pool in each time slot.

Weekly-Reservation-Schedule-April 2021

The Centre of Elgin is proud to offer its members a warm water therapy pool.  The Therapy Pool is kept between 88° – 92° degrees and is a unique space designed for therapy, recreation, and learning. The Therapy Pool is accessible by stairs or chair lift and features a safety rail surrounding the pool for balance and security.  Individuals using the space for therapy, recreation, and learning have priority for space and equipment. Individuals disruptive to this environment may be asked to leave. For information on the warm water therapy pool, contact The Centre at (847) 531-7030.

The therapy pool is also used by Advocate-Sherman Hospital for their therapy patients. Please consult the schedule for drop-in times.

Take a virtual tour of our therapy pool!