Centre Policies

Policies for a Healthy and Safe Facility

To help make this a pleasant and safe recreation environment, the following facility conduct regulations are enforced.

  • Do not leave children under 9 years old unsupervised
  • Use family friendly language – profanity is prohibited
  • No loitering – Guests should be involved in program
  • Show respect to all participants & staff and be expected to take appropriate direction from staff
  • No excessively loud speech, music, or electronic devices which would disturb other guests
  • Violent, harassing, threatening, reckless, or lewd behavior is not allowed at anytime
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs. Guests must not exhibit signs of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any time
  • No use of tobacco or vaping devices
  • Refrain from sleeping in the facility
  • Show good citizenship by respecting equipment, supplies, and the facility
  • Do not record images or voices of other guests without explicit permission. Cell phones are not to be used in any locker room or bathroom.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed
  • Theft of services will be enforced and will result in loss of facility privileges. Users must pay for all areas requiring admission/usage fees.

The City of Elgin is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Facility users who do not conduct themselves in a proper manner or do not follow the Facility Conduct Policy will be removed, lose privileges, or be banned from the facility.

Other Facility Policies

  • Pool
  • Steam Room and Whirlpool
  • Health/Fitness Center
  • Photo Policy City of Elgin Staff will periodically take photos of program participants and park visitors. These photos may be used in our publications, including seasonal program guides, facility brochures, advertisements, and our web site. If you wish not to have your photo taken, please notify the photographer at that time.