Ballroom Rates

Room Rates – Heritage Banquet Rooms North or South
Heritage Banquet Rooms North or South includes room, tables, and chairs only. Rates are for each room. Banquet style seating maximums 150 people per side or 300 people for the whole room.

Monday – Thursday
Two Hour Minimum
Hourly Rate 1/2 Ballroom$100/hour$120/hour$95/hour
Hourly Rate Whole Ballroom$160/hour$220/hour$145/hour
Friday & Sunday
Four Hour Minimum
Hourly Rate 1/2 room$140/hour$180/hour$130/hour
Hourly Rate Whole Room$250/hour$300/hour$200/hour
**Weekend Promo Rate$230/hour**$270/hour**$175/hour**
Four Hour Minimum
Hourly Rate Whole Room$460/hour$500/hour$375/hour
**Peak Season Discount (May – Nov)$350/hour$390/hour$260/hour
**Off-Peak Season Discount (Dec – Apr)$260/hour$310/hour$180/hour

**Renter must book the ENTIRE BALLROOM (North & South) on a Friday-Sunday AND a MINIMUM $20/PP BAR PACKAGE to qualify for the promotional rate on WEEKENDS (Fri-Sun) only.  Saturday Peak/Off Peak Season Rates also apply.

Event rates are valid through midnight. Fees DOUBLE for the last hour if booking until 1:00am.

Resident fees and rates require an individual, couple or family to have their bona fide and principal residence within the corporate city limits of the City of Elgin.

For detailed fees, rules and responsibilities please view 2023 The Centre Rental Agreement