Emphasizing socialization and motor skill development

Program Philosophy & Overview

Our program emphasizes socialization, motor skill development, arts/crafts, and pre-academic skills in a recreational setting using weekly themes. In addition, our program encourages creativity through structured and unstructured activities.

The Centre features classrooms with child-size bathrooms inside classroom, secure facility with locked doors, camera monitors, secure outdoor playground, and other amenities designed specifically for preschoolers. Classes are held at the Centre and Centre membership is not required to register into our preschool program.

Programs for the 2015-2016 School Year

Pre Wee Folks Program - A great first time class for children who are eager and ready to be away from a parent. Classroom goals will focus on social skills, following simple directions, and developing small motor skills. Children must be 2 ½ yr. by Sept. 1, 2015.



 Wee Folks Program - Children will learn social skills, colors/shapes, numbers and name recognition and develop small motor skills. Wee Folks Plus Class will offer an additional time focusing on letters and numbers. Students are exposed to themed learning centers, circle time, stories, and large motor skill activities. Children must be 3yr. by Sept. 1, 2015 and be able to take care of their own bathroom needs (no pull-ups).



PreK Program - Children will develop kindergarten readiness skills and self-confidence as they are exposed to math concepts, beginning writing skills, number and letter recognition. Pre-K Plus Classes will focus on math concepts and activities.Classroom curriculum is themed based using learning centers, arts & crafts, circle time, stories, singing, role playing, and large motor skill activities. Children must be able to take care of their own bathroom needs. Children bring a snack and juice to class. Children will also go on field trips. Children must be 4 yr. by Sept. 1, 2015

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