After School Program

Spend Your After School Hours at the Centre
Give your children a safe and FUN place to spend the after-school hours. Children take part in age-appropriate, supervised activities, including homework time, sports, games, crafts, swimming, and rock climbing. We’ll pick your child up from school; you pick them up from The Centre. You may sign up for the full month or choose three days a week. You may choose any three days but they must be consistent each month. Call Brett at (847) 531-7017 to approve your child’s school for pickup.

Grades: K – 6 (p.m. Kindergarten only)

Download a copy of the Centre Afterschool Parent Handbook 2017 for more information.



Payment Information
Payments will be due on or before the registration deadline for each month. Pricing is based on 5 day a week (Full Month) or 3 day a week (3-Day) attendance. A late fee of $25 will be assessed on all payments received after the registration deadline.

Course # Month Full/ 3 –Day Fees (R/NR) Reg Deadline
20174 August Full Month $165/$173 August 13
20183 August 3-Day $126/$132 August 13
20175 September Full Month $315/$330 August 29
20179 September 3-Day $216/$226 August 29
20176 October Full Month $285/$299 September 30
20180 October 3-Day $216/$226 September 30
20177 November Full Month $270/$283 October 29
20181 November 3-Day $180/$189 October 29
20178 December Full Month $225/$236 November 28
20182 December 3-Day $162/$170 November 28