Preschool Extended Care

Students enrolled in our Wee Folks and Pre K classes have the option of before and/or after care.  This allows parents to drop off their child 1 hour before the start of preschool class and/or pick up 1 hour after their preschool class ends.  Extended care is provided in our Kidz World childcare area.  Advanced registration is required for this programThe registration form and payment must be submitted by NOON the Friday prior to the week you need care. Platinum fitness membership does not include free use of the Preschool Extended Care Program.

Fees:   2019 Fees will be based on the schedule that you provide.  Credit will not be given for days that were scheduled but missed due to illness, absence or vacation.  Extended care will only be available on days that your child attends preschool and preschool is in session.  There is a maximum of 1 hour extended care before and/or after the start time of your child’s specific preschool class.  Late fees of $1.00 per minute will be applied after 10 minutes and repeat offenses will result in dis-enrollment from the program.

$4.00/day for either before only or after only care

$6.00/day for both before and after care