Meet Our Instructors


- B.S. in Biology
- Certified Tai Chi Instructor
- CPR/AED Certified

Charlene is a lifetime resident of Elgin and has been interested in health and wellness since completing a special report on nutrition while in grade school. This led her to study the life sciences throughout her schooling, resulting in a B.S. Degree in Biology. She is an avid reader of health related information and supports a holistic approach to wellness. Charlene has participated in fitness activities at the Centre since 2005 and was encouraged to seek certification to become a Tai Chi Instructor when the former teacher moved away and a replacement could not be found.

Charlene has studied Tai Chi for the last four years, learning concurrently under three instructors having over 20 years of Tai Chi and other Martial Arts experience each. She was certified by Tai Chi Healthways of San Diego, CA under the direction of Master Jesse Tsao, PhD.. Master Tsao is the 12th Generation in a direct line of Tai Chi Masters tracing back to Chen Wangting, the founder of the Tai Chi Martial Art Form in the late 1600′s.

Charlene is committed to carrying on the long held traditions of this ancient art and helping serve the health needs of her community.


Health/Fitness Supervisor

- N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer & Performance Enhancement Specialist
- A.F.A.A. Certified Group Fitness Instructor
- APEX Certified Nutrition Consultant
- CPR/AED Certified

Specialties: Boxing & Kickboxing, All Athletics (Primarily Football and Baseball), Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Ron earned the name ‘Dr Sweat’ (which is now legally his business name) by the levels of energy, intensity and fun that he brings to every class/program he teaches! His motto is, “You only become significant by making others successful!”


- Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified Fitness Instructor
- TRX Trainer Certified
- Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher
- Pilates Mat Certification
- Star 3 Certified Spin Instructor
- Certified Resist-a-ball/Core Instructor
- CPR, AED and First Aid Healthcare Certified

Debby has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over twenty five years. She believes that with the levels of stress and amount of sedentary jobs, wellness programs are a branch of preventative medicine and should be an integral part of everyone’s life. Through her expert training techniques that are combined with her Yoga background, Debby inspires others to achieve and improve their fitness level so much so that many of her clients become lifelong fitness enthusiasts.


- B.S. in Sociology from I.S.U.
- Group Fitness Certification in Feb, 2011
- Schwinn Certification April, 2011

“I used to weigh around 300 pounds and was motivated by my fitness instructors to keep my goals small and attainable. They made me feel accepted in classes and asked where I was when I would skip – making me accountable for my actions. I hope to “pay it forward” and do all this and more for someone else. That is why I entered this field of work.”


- M.P.H. in Behavioral & Community Health
- Certified Yoga Instructor
- CPR/AED Certified

Elizabeth has been studying health, wellness and yogic practices for more than 15 years. She began her yoga journey in St. Petersburg, FL, where she attended college and continued to practice and study yogic and holistic health in Japan, South East Asia and Nepal. Elizabeth earned a Master of Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 and is a 250-hour Yoga Certified Instructor. Elizabeth has taught health education and disease prevention around the world with Public Health Departments in Vietnam, Mexico, Sweden, Barbados and Chicago and is a former National Institutes of Health Fogarty Fellow. She is further trained and experienced in developing obesity prevention and physical fitness curricula for adults, children and special need populations. Elizabeth additionally teaches pilates, yogalates/paloga and meditation classes. She practices her Seva by giving time to community projects to promote health and wellness for the collective good. Elizabeth loves working with her students to go deeper in their practice physically, mentally and spiritually.

Her areas of expertise include yogic practices for Diabetes, Arthritis, Adolescent Health, Flexibility, Mental Health and Stress Reduction.

- B.S. in Nursing
- Group Fitness Instructor, Zumba Certified STRIDE Certified
- Certified Personal Trainer
- Owner/Artistic Director of WeDfye Dance Company
- CPR/AED Certified
- Scuba Certified

“I am passionate, determined, and when I hear “no” it means “not that way” to me! I want to be an inspiration to others out there! I look to be a healthy, positive role model for others!!!! My favorite quote is: “You make a living by what you get, but make a life out of what you give!”   I truly love helping others whether through dance, fitness, nutrition…..MIND, BODY, SOUL – a complete connection.  I am proud Mom to two grown sons and understand the challenges of balancing work, family, and so on.  I like to say a healthy Mom is a healthy family and this certainly holds true for both parents.  Don’t be fooled by the short stature and smile…I don’t mind kicking some “bootay” in the gym.  I am a lifelong dancer and athlete.  My areas of expertise include: dance (ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and all Latin formats); body transformation; functional fitness.  I look forward to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”


- Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified Group Fitness Instructor
- CPR. / AED Certified
- Kettlebell Certified Instructor


Specialties: Kettlebell, High Intensity Interval Training, Fit Camp

In addition to teaching and training, Kathy is devoted to our 8 week and 6 week Fit camps. Fit Camp is all about teaching that health and fitness is a lifelong commitment, not a part-time hobby. Seeing the incredible cardio/core/strength benefits as well as pounds and inches lost in such a short period of time, shows that mindfulness and consistency equal big results.


- B.S. In Psychology
- Online Fitness Coach
- C.E.O. Of Fitchicks United
- Certified Zumba Instructor
- Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor

Stephani has been teaching classes since 2011 and Zumba allows her to share her love of dance, music, and fitness with the world. Her classes are high energy and fast paced, yet easy to follow. Her passion, energy and excitement will keep you smiling ear to ear all class long, even when the sweat is dripping down your face. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dancing for years or have never shaken your booty before….ALL are welcome in her classes!


- Certified Spinning Instructor; Mad Dogg Athletics
- Completed Star Level 2 Instructor Certification; Mad Dogg Athletics
- Certified Spin Flex Instructor; Mad Dogg Athletics
- CPR / AED Certified

Franklin took a leap of faith by going from “just another guy in class” to becoming a great group fitness instructor. A few years ago, he say the need for a male cycling/spinning instructor and made the decision to become something more than average!


-BS: Physical Education/Minor in Health, NE Illinois University,Chicago
- Certified Personal Trainer & Group Instructor
- Lifeguard & WSI Certified
- CPR/AED/1st Aid Certified
- Rock Climbing Certification/Cold & Warm Water Rescue Certified
- Tri-Athlete Coach

Angie has been all over the US promoting health and wellness. As an 8 time Marathon runner, 2 time Tri-Athlete, cancer survivor and a NPC Figure Competitor, she has a vast amount of knowledge and fitness experiences to draw from and assist others. All of her classes and/or training sessions are positive learning experiences because she also lives it, keeping herself in shape to be a role model to her son, who has been an athlete his entire life (Football, Soccer, Track).

DAWN JONES (Habla Espanol)

- Licensed Massage Therapist
- Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Chinese Bodywork
- Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified Group Fitness Instructor
- Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
- C.P.R. / A.E.D. Certified

Dawn covers almost every spectrum of fitness: a massage therapist and a personal trainer, as well as group fitness instructor. She recently started working with Judson University’s soccer teams, taking them through spinning/cycling as an alternative to their usual training regiments. It’s paid off in better stamina and physiology/kinesiology education!

After being a single mom for 20 years, she has a few mottos. She always tells her children “Before you’ve even thought it, I’ve done it!” and “when you know better, you do better”. Those principles make her the mother, trainer, therapist, counselor, and friend that she is. She understands struggles, goals, failures and successes. LIFE is a JOURNEY not a DESTINATION! We may reach our goals, but the hardest part is maintenance, commitment, conviction, etc. We all need the courage to deal with daily challenges– and sometimes we need the encouragement or assistance from a professional …. Or a friend.

Karen Ginn

- Certified Yoga Instructor
- National Yoga
- CPR/AED First Aid Certified
- Martial Artist

Karen embraces life and her practice with gratitude and a knowing that the journey begins within. It was through her own practice that Karen was drawn to teach yoga and share the health benefits, interconnectedness and gratitude with others. Karen’s classes hold a safe and welcoming place to soften and let go, to become present and explore. Her teaching style is intuitive, organic, supportive and fun! She encourages her students to meet themselves where they are, to find a calm within and to begin from there – honoring one’s own unique journey. Along with Yoga and Martial Arts she’s also an animal/outdoor lover – volunteering at the animal house in Huntley.


- AFFA Group Fitness Certification
- AFFA Kickboxing Certification
- Kettle Bell Group Fitness Certification
- MAD DOG Spin Certification
- Schwinn Cycling

Specialties: Kickboxing, Running, Boot-Camp, Cycling

Sarah is a two time winner of the Batavia Duathlon, and a three time winner of the Elgin Valley 5K Fox Trot (in her age group). She’s been teaching since 1986 and is a coach for Girls on The Run Chicago.

“My goal is to get everyone moving young and old. Just put one foot in front of the other. You can do it!”


Bill has been practicing yoga for the past 11 years. He received his teaching certificate from the Lotus Yoga Center and is registered through Yoga Alliance, where he recently received his Experienced 500 level. Bill brings an awareness of learning styles to each individual student, infusing them with the idea that yoga can be for every body and everbody!


- BA Degree in Psychology from DePaul
- ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
- AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
- Mad Dogg Athletics Certified Spinning Instructor
- Official Pound Pro
- American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified
- TRX Qualified Group Suspension Training Instructor

While studying Psychology at DePaul, Aletha came across health psychology and loved it. She did further research and found Sports & Exercise psychology. She knew she had found her passion. She later enrolled at ECC in the Personal Trainer and Group Exercise program. Her first teaching opportunity was a beginner strength class and she hasn’t slowed down since. She loves what she does and wakes up excited to help people reach their fitness goals!


- Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified Group Fitness Instructor
- Certified Pilates Instructor
- Certified Yoga Instructor
- C.P.R. / A.E.D. Certified
- AAFA Kickboxing Certified
- Kettlebell Certified

Having mastered almost every format in the Group Fitness genre, coupled with over 20 years of teaching experience, Danae can be your “go to” person for just about anything in the field of fitness. Don’t let the pretty smile and warm demeanor confuse you. She can be quite the drill sergeant when it comes to the upper body, lower body, and core work!


- Certified YOGA Instructor
- Foreign Language Teacher
- Certified CPR/AED

One day I woke up and decided to write down everything I wanted out of life. I picked up books, educated myself, took chances and was determined to succeed!

As I moved forward with a positive outlook on life, I wished to share it with others.

I studied Spanish Language and Literature as an undergrad at Northern Illinois University. I then furthered my studies obtaining a Master’s in Teaching from National-Louis University. A few years down the road, the Yogic lifestyle attracted me and lead me on a journey to India where I completed a 900 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training.

Now I live to give my gift to the world!


- Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor
- Certified Zumba Kids Instructor
- Certified Aqua Zumba Instructor
- Certified CPR / Life Support / First-Aid

When Emily attended her first Zumba Fitness class in January 2010, she came home and told her husband, “That’s the most fun I’ve had in 10 years!” The very next month, she and her sister attended the Zumba Fitness training, and soon after began teaching classes at a local college. Despite being voted ‘most conservative girl’ in her high school yearbook, Emily loves the freedom of expression that dance provides and always leaves class feeling energized, happy and confident (and, of course, sweaty)!

Emily had the privilege of teaching Zumba Fitness classes for 3 years in Australia where nearly every class she taught was outdoors. She is also the mother of five (four of whom are already taller than her) and happily married to the local Presbyterian pastor (Westminster Presbyterian). She has a tendency to smile through her entire class and is convinced it makes you squat deeper, jump higher and burn more calories.


- Swim Instructor (Pool & Open Water) – USMS Levels 1 & 2
- Group Fitness Instructor – ACE & AFFA
- Personal Trainer – NASM
- Triathlon Coach – Ironman Certified
- Licensed Massage Therapist
- Motivational Speaker
- Spanish Speaking

Migdalia has many personal fitness strengths to share with our members. In addition to being a group fitness instructor and a personal trainer she is also an active endurance athlete.She has successfully competed 15 full Ironman competitions, is a 3 time Ultra-Marathon runner (100 Miles) and is an endurance swimmer.Whether your goal is to do your first triathlon, find healing through massage, or simply get into better shape, she can help! She is passionate about her work and can motivate you to get on the right path to better fitness. Her experience, schooling and positive personality can help you get into better shape!


- Certified Zumba Instructor
- Certified Zumba Gold Instructor
- Certified Zumba Toning Instructor
- Certified CPR/AED

My biggest passion in life is to dance…especially to Latin music. I also love that by teaching Zumba, I bring a little bit of my culture to the class participants, and I’m very proud of that. I love the happy looks of the people after a Zumba class is over. It’s a priceless benefit to being a part of the reason they feel that good!

As a stay-at-home Mom, Zumba is a release for me, as well! I’ve learned the word “synergy” means 1+1=3, and that’s what I shoot for when I teach…because I’m partying with you!


Boontiva Truong-Quang was born in Thailand, but her parents were members of the Vietnamese Royal family, fleeing to Thailand during the war. With more than 600 hours of training and a year living in India, she became certified as Master Instructor of Classical Indian Yoga, from the Yoga Institute in Mumbai India. She has also received her Pilates Certification, training with one of Joseph Pilates’ disciples. Her mission is to spread the message of good health, peace of mind, moral strength and spiritual enlightenment through Yoga and lifestyle changes. Traveling the world she taught students in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, France, England, Japan, Morocco, Maylaysia and Thailand.

Tammy Turner

- N.P.T.I. Personal Trainer
- G.E.A.R. Cycling Certified
- CPR/AED Certified

Tammy took her long love of and passion for exercise to another level by attending the National Personal Training Institute. After playing various sports, loving to exercise and always looking for a new physical challenge, her drive for something new and challenging led her into the sport of running and triathlon 15 years ago. ”It’s a great way to see the world and stay fit!” Her decision to attend the NPTI came about 9 years ago prompted by her desire to challenge herself, learn new things and stay on top of her game. There she earned her Personal Training certificate and also became a certified group exercise instructor. Over the years she has inspired and provided training plans for many individuals helping them overcome their fears. Her passion is to encourage people in the gym or in their first running race. Her motto is: “If you wanna play, you’ve gotta pay! Work hard to play hard!”