Fitness Classes

We are offering Virtual Fitness Classes starting the week of Aug 27th. Registration is required. Platinum members can register at no cost.  A private link will be sent to all registrants once the videos are available.

Cross Training with Carrie Mondays & Fridays
HIIT Action with Magdalia Mondays
Senior Fit with Danae Mondays & Fridays
Hatha Yoga with Renee Hofman Tuesdays
Total Body HITT- intervals of cardio/strength/core with Kathy Tuesdays
Pilates with Migdalia Wednesdays
Chair Yoga with Danae Wednesdays
Restorative Yoga with Renee Thursdays
Muscle Max- Total body strength circuits with Kathy Thursdays

To register, click the Register for Virtual Fitness Classes button to the right. Our registration site requires login information. If you don’t know your login, click Forgot or Reset Password and enter your email. If you have never participated in any aspect of Elgin Parks and Recreation, click Create New Account. If you have difficulty logging in email us at

For Platinum members only – On site Fitness Classes – Click Here to Register

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Active Adults - (45 minutes) All levels! Seniors aren’t getting older, they’re getting better with L.I.I.T. – Low Intensity Interval Training and dancing!

Balance & Fall Prevention – Train balance and stabilizing muscles, as well as breathing techniques to prevent dizziness.

Barre & Body – (45 – 60 minutes) All levels! Using a Ballet Barre, strengthen and lengthen arms/legs; increase core strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance like a Ballet Dancer!

BARRE & Core (45-60min)-All levels! All the functional training of Barre, plus concentrated core work to improve strength and balance.

Barre Fusion – (60 minutes) All levels! A unique blend of Barre and the core strengthening and balance training of Pilates.

Cardio Blast & Burn –  (60 minutes) All levels! Cardio and strength training intervals! Boost your metabolism! Sculpt your body!

Cardio Kickboxing (45 min) – All Levels! “Tae-Bo” is still one of the best ways to increase endurance and chisel the core!

Chair Yoga - (45 minutes) All levels!

Core Flex – (45 minutes) All Levels! Core strengthening and stability with a side focus on special stretching techniques.

Core Yoga - (60 minutes) All levels! Core strength & balance (Pilates) are added to the flexibility, breathing & posture training of Yoga.

Core Extreme – (45 minutes) All levels! Tone and sculpt core, glutes, and thighs with total body exercises.

CoreRAGEous ROUNDS – (30/60 minutes) Intermediate/Advanced! “Insanity”, “P90-X” and Kickboxing with Heavy-bags. MMA Gloves preferred.

Cross Training– (60 minutes) All levels! The ultimate in cross-fitness interval training; Combines Boot-Camp & Sport-Specific Drills.

Cycle– (45 minutes) All levels! Stationary Biking featuring hill-climbs, jumps, sprints & more; Towel & water bottle needed.

Cycle Express– (45 mins) All levels! Stationary Biking & Serious Core!

Cycle Sculpt – (60 min) – All levels! Biking with strength training for a great combo of cardio-resistance training.

Gentle Yoga – (60 min) – All Levels! Yoga’s more relaxing side that includes deeper breathing, stretching & balancing.

Hard Core– (45 min) All levels! Learn to include your Core in all standing & floor exercise – with resistance & body weight drills.

Kettle Kombo -  (45 minutes) – Intermediate! A fun mix of Kettlebell and a variety of strength segments – Cardio, core, strength, power, flexibility and mobility.

Kettle Kombo-Max - (45 minutes) – Intermediate! A high intensity interval class of classic and hybrid kettlebell drills mixed with strength complexes utilizing barbells and weights.

Latin En Fuego –  (60 minutes) All Levels! Like Zumba, Latin en Fuego is energetic, action-dancing for fun-fitness!

Qigong with Weights – (45 minutes) All levels! Based on traditional medicine, movements are designed to open the energy channels of the body to enhance well-being and prepare you for Tai-Chi.

Reps and Sets – (60 minutes) All levels! Strength training with weights includes intervals of 3-5 minutes for each muscle group.

Rip-Tuc-Cut - (45 minutes) All levels! Tues – Chest & Back; Wed – Leg & Buns; Thurs – Arms & Shoulders! Core in every class!

Senior Fit - (45 minutes) 50 years and up. Low impact movements and resistance training; includes Pilates, and Step classes.

Tai-Chi – (60 minutes) All Fitness Levels! The benefits from this gentle exercise, which incorporates stretching, include reducing stress, increasing flexibility & circulation, improving muscle strength & definition, increasing energy, stamina & agility, along with enhancing self-awareness.

TRX Basic Training – (45 minutes) Beginner level! Learn how to use one of the most effective training tools in the fitness industry!

Tuc & Twist - (45 minutes) All levels! Core-specific dance moves are another great way to chisel the abs – buns and thighs, too!

Yoga - (60/75 minutes) All levels! Reduce stress; increase strength, flexibility & balance with poses…healing body, mind & spirit.

Zone Training (45/60 min) – All levels! Cardio, Strength and Core intervals mixed for max results in minimal time!