Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Schedule July – Sept

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Active Adults - All levels! Seniors aren’t getting older, they’re getting better with L.I.I.T. – Low Intensity Interval Training and dancing!

Barre & Body – All levels! Using a Ballet Barre, strengthen and lengthen arms/legs; increase core strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance like a Ballet Dancer!

Barre Fusion – All levels! A unique blend of Barre and the core strengthening and balance training of Pilates.

Cardio Blast & Burn – All levels! Cardio and strength training intervals! Boost your metabolism! Sculpt your body!

Chair Yoga - All levels! With boxing (with a heavy-baf and/or a partner) and specific core work, you’ll get yours!

Core Yoga - All levels! Core strength & balance (Pilates) are added to the flexibility, breathing & posture training of Yoga.

Core Extreme – All levels! Tone and sculpt core, glutes, and thighs with total body exercises.

CoreRAGEous ROUNDS – Intermediate/Advanced! “Insanity”, “P90-X” and Kickboxing with Heavy-bags. MMA Gloves preferred.

Cross Training–All levels! The ultimate in cross-fitness interval training; Combines Boot-Camp & Sport-Specific Drills.

Cycle–All levels! Stationary Biking featuring hill-climbs, jumps, sprints & more; Towel & water bottle needed.

Cycle Sculpt–All levels! Stationary Biking with strength training for a great combo of cardio-resistance training.

Cycle Express–All levels! Stationary Biking & Serious Core!

Hard Core–All levels! Learn to include your Core in all standing & floor exercise – with resistance & body weight drills.

Kettlebell – Intermediate! This total body workout will blast calories, sculpt lean muscles, strengthen your core & improve posture and balance.

Kettle Core – Intermediate! Intervals of Kettlebell and core work, utilizing the stability ball, bosu, and more! Blast calories, sculpt lean muscles, and whittle that middle in one d

Kickbox Cardio Camp – All levels! Kickboxing, bootcamp, and cardio drills; rounds consist of heavy bag, weights, medicine ball and footwork drills. Gloves and/or handwraps are needed.

Latin En Fuego – All Levels! Like Zumba, Latin en Fuego is energetic, action-dancing for fun-fitness!

Qigong with Weights – All levels! Based on traditional medicine, movements are designed to open the energy channels of the body to enhance well-being and prepare you for Tai-Chi.

Reps and Sets – All levels! Strength training with weights includes intervals of 3-5 minutes for each muscle group.

Rip-Tuc-Cut - All levels! Tues – Chest & Back; Wed – Leg & Buns; Thurs – Arms & Shoulders! Core in every class!

Senior Fit - 50 years and up. Low impact movements and resistance training; includes Tai Chi, Pilates, and Step classes.

Tabata Challenge – All levels of whole body training for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds then repeat eight times.  Sounds easy, right?

Tai-Chi – All Fitness Levels! The benefits from this gentle exercise, which incorporates stretching, include reducing stress, increasing flexibility & circulation, improving muscle strength & definition, increasing energy, stamina & agility, along with enhancing self-awareness.

TRX Basic Training – Beginner level! Learn how to use one of the most effective training tools in the fitness industry!

TRX Circuit – All levels! Suspension training, tire flipping, battling ropes and a lot more fro a total-body experience!

Tuc & Twist - All levels! Core-specific dance moves are another great way to chisel the abs – buns and thighs, too!

Yoga - All levels! Reduce stress; increase strength, flexibility & balance with poses…healing body, mind & spirit.

Zumba - All levels! The original dance party revs up your cardio engines – melting fat/inches from buns, thighs and core.

Winter session – January 1 to March 31
Spring session – April 1 to June 30
Summer session - July 1 to September 30
Fall session– October 1 to December 31