Mayor’s Walking Challenge 2018

Join Mayor Kaptain and Activate Elgin as we challenge Elgin residents to form teams and walk on a regular basis.  This year’s goal is to get 500 people signed up on teams committed to walking at least 3 days a week.  This challenge is for both first time walkers and those who have already developed the healthy habit of walking.

Walkers are encouraged to form teams of co-workers, neighbors, families, friends, etc.  to support and encourage one another.  Your team members do not need to walk together, but your steps will be automatically added together.

Activate Elgin has partnered with Stridekick to provide a portal that will work with almost any type of wireless tracker device.  Or if you prefer, you can use your iPhone to track your steps by downloading the Stridekick app from the app store and selecting the iPhone option or connect through Google Fit on your Android phone.

First you sign up on the website as an individual, then you can form a team or join an already existing team. If you do not have a team, feel free to join the Mayor’s Challengers team.

Registration Instructions

1Click here to register now!

2. Log in or create an account and connect your device.

3. Create or join your team. Use the search bar to find your team. (If you don’t have a team you can join the “Mayors Challengers Team”.

4. Select “Join Team”

5. Download the Stridekick app from the iTunes or Google Play store!

Team Captains – click here for instructions on how to create your team.